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Paper Mache Eggs!

this is so fun sorry it takes so long though • Posted by selena

i got inspired from a book

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2 h 20


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i got inspired from a book


  1. first and for most tear the paper in strips

  2. ok now put 1 and a half cups of flour and three cups of water in a bowl

  3. MIX

  4. put in fridge for an hour [or more]take out and stir stir stir!

  5. go outside or somewhere where you can get messy and assamble yor ingrediants egg ,mache, paper

  6. dip strips in mache let them stay for 5 seconds then put the on the egg

  7. when you have covered the egg get it in your hand and squezze gently

  8. if you did ths on a hot day put insun a let it stay for about an hour then check it if dry it is done if not put it sun for about 30 min more

  9. paint it how ever you want

  10. ps please let me know about any flaws