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QUESTION - Would you buy this??
Hey everyone!

It's been a long, long time since I've been on here! I made the jump to my own blog (just starting out), as well as pinterest so my Cut Out account was a little neglected.

This Paper Flower piece was actually the final project for my Gr. 10 art class. I chose the activity 'repurpose a book' and I knew right off the bat that I wanted to incorporate flowers into this project. I think it was almost a full week of brainstorming before I was introduced to the vertical garden (on Pinterest) and FELL IN LOVE with the idea. After finding my inspiration, I combed all over google, pinterest, and Martha Stewart for paper flower tutorials. Long story short, after a good 34 hours (spread over 2 weeks) I came out with my paper flower vertical garden! I don't know the *exact* dimensions but its about 2 feet wide, and maybe 3.5 feet tall (it's a lot larger than the pictures show).

My supply list (& prices) were...
- Frame // $50
- Hot glue // $5
- Dye // $15
- Pins // $4
- Styrofoam balls // $3

So that being said, I would love to hear some feedback from my fellow crafters! If you can comment below your thoughts and answers to these questions I would appreciate it so, SO much!

1. Would you BUY this?
2. How much would you PAY for this?
3. Factoring in the cost of supplies (almost $100), and time spent making it (34-36 hours), how much do you think it's WORTH?

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