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Paper Flower Madness {A Tutorial} • Posted by Vanessa Valencia

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    This is the 4 wire contraption I made, and then stuck flowers all over the wires...

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    I start with 1 full piece of scrapbook paper that I cut into 4 smaller pieces This is the size I like to work with, but you can make them bigger per your preference. (I also like to use wrapping paper) I then take one of the 4 little pieces an fold it into a triangle, cutting off any excess...

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    I take my triangle and fold it in half, making another triangle...

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    The next step is to fold the right side in towards the center...

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    And the left side folds away towards the center as well, giving you a "V" shape...

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    You then cut off the upper points, like so...

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    You have what is a bit of a cone shape now, to play with...

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    Experiment cutting into the top and the sides all you want. I think that is the funnest part, the experimentation factor...

  9. Small 6a00d83451d99869e2011571260852970c 450wi

    Then open it it up to find... Ahhh yes, a sea urchin flower ;)

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    Or a snowflakey flower...

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    Trial and error is the name of this paper flower game...

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    If you don't already make these, I hope you enjoy doing so. I can get lost in paper cutting. It is so relaxing and addicting. (My photos are a bit funny because it is so cloudy out)

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    Last winter, Holiday 2008, I had a blast making these, and I still have not taken them down...

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    So, try your own magpie creation, I'd love to see what you come up with. A super fun project for any time of the year...