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Based on Paper Beads by Cat Morley
I always make my triangle as long as possible. Towards the top of the triangle, i make sure it is much skinnier than the bottom to make sure that the bead will be round in shape. Remember, the bigger the bottom of the triangle, the wider the bead! :3

I usually use magazine pages, newspaper, even my own designs on regular old lined paper to make the triangles.

I put glue all along the triangle. I don't really care if the straw gets stuck onto the bead, it's not going to show anyways once you cut it off :) I found tacky glue (comes in a gold bottle, you can't miss it) works best. It isn't too sticky, but isn't weak also.

OH! I use straws! It makes a bigger opening, which i need because i always work with hemp, but some people use toothpicks, wire, even needles. I like straws the most because they dont need to be pulled out like said items. :) You simply just cut off the exposed straw from the FINISHED bead. Always wait until they are dry.

When my beads are still on the straw, i coat them with a layer of extra glossy collage pauge (it's this stuff with the glue in the craft stores. I use collage pauge, as seen in the picture). It makes for a shinier, more glass-like bead :D

I hope these tips have helped someone! :3 HAPPY CRAFTING!

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Owlbaby · Brownwood, Texas, US · 2 projects
Yes, the straw idea is fabulous! I think I'll use some little coffee stirrers to get a tiny hole--this is one of those ideas that makes you say "Now why didn't I think of that???"!
Michelle · West Des Moines, Iowa, US · 38 projects
Thank you! Happy
Apricot · Sacramento, California, US
WOW I never thought of using a straw! Genius Happy
I saw a tutorial on Threadbanger.com for this but they didnt mention a straw. When I made some I had a problem with the hemp fitting through aswell so thanks I will make them again with straws in the middle Happy YAY! I like using newspaper and even the comics!

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