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Upcycled magazines into paper beads!
Pick out some magazine (or whatever) pages that make you happy! Try to pick them all in the same general color scheme, or several colors you think go together well. Don't worry about lettering or words, or anything like that. After the bead is formed you won't see that sort of thing. Now you need to cut the paper into triangles. If you are anal retentive and picky, use a ruler. You want them to be anywhere from 1/2 inch to 1 inch at the base. Depending on how thick you want the bead, you can make the triangles the long way on the page or across the width. Your choice! I did some of each. Variety is a good thing. I am not a ruler using type of gal. You probably will get neater results if you are. Just saying. So...you have your triangles cut out, skewers ready, and your glue is good to go! Starting at the straight (as opposed to the pointed) end, wrap the paper around the the skewer. It takes a bit of finessing to get it started. Roll it up tightly until you get to the point. Dot a bit of glue on the tip end and glue it down. There. One bead. Not hard at all!

Make as many as you want. Different colors, thicknesses, widths. Have fun, that is the point of crafting after all. Allow them to dry for a bit. Most likely when you get done with your last bead, the first will be dry enough. Leave them on the skewers for painting and decoration.

To decorate your beads you have a gazillion options! You can leave them as they are, just paint them with some nail polish or acrylic to seal them, and then string them up! You could paint them a solid color, although I like the look of the magazine, so I have never done that, but hey...it's your project!

Here's what I did. I painted my beads with some gold pearly nail polish. It's opaque, so you can see the magazine through it. Then I found some Fimo cane slices that I had lying around. I usually put them on my toenails as decoration! I selected some flowers, butterflies, and leaves. I glued them to my beads with the clear polish. After letting everything dry for a bit, I coated the whole bead in clear polish to seal them up and give them a shine! Good luck and please feel free to ask if you have any questions! I think my beads came out fab. What do you think?

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Jillie · Hampton, Virginia, US · 1 project
Oh thanks for your wonderful comments Molly!
This is a fabulous project, Jillie! Your paper beads are the most beautiful ones I've found so far. They look like very expensive store-bought beads! I never would have thought to embellish the beads with nail polish or sparkly stuff. I'm definitely going to try this project this weekend! Thank you so much for the fantastic tutorial!