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A bit of fun in the garden with Wooden Pallets!
I've needed a good compost bin for a long time so this is what I came up with last year.

I used Free Wooden Pallets, left over weather proof stain on the outside only; A bi-fold door for the top that I have since removed and some Starbucks signs I salvaged from a store remodel. The boards for the front are all salvaged too and slide in and out to the level of support you need.

Cost? Zero. Results? Awesome. For now, I'm storing Stray in teh empty side but it's made for rotating years compost. I year fill, next year fill the other side and let the first side sit... after you use the aged compost, start filling that side and let the other sit.

Straw and dirt have prevented and smell problems so the neighbors are still friendly. And, they love my tomatoes.

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