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So I came across this pajama top at the thrift store. I had to buy it because of the print! I'm obsessed with anything fruit print! I don't have a lot of spring and summer tops so I've been on a diy crop top kick!

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  • How to make a recycled top. Pajama Top Transformation  - Step 1
    Step 1

    I made a pattern out of an old crop top that fits well, I traced around it onto some news papers, made sure to leave some seam allowance! Then folded my pattern in half and cut out 2 half pieces from the front of the pajama top leaving the buttons holes on one piece. These 2 pieces will be the back part of your crop top. Then i unfolded my pattern and cut out a whole piece from the back of the pajama top.

  • How to make a recycled top. Pajama Top Transformation  - Step 2
    Step 2

    Now you should have 3 pieces cut out! 2 halfs for the back and one whole piece for the front. Once you finished that, sew your shoulder seams and side seams. Then hem the neck, arm holes, and bottom! Lastly you if want you can leave the original buttons but i decided to use some cute glittery ones! Now if you want to get fancy add some ruffles to your bottom hem and shoulders!

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Glenda A.
Glenda A.
I love that you incorporated a lot of original harder parts to sew such as the front buttons and and button holes. And it came out so cute.

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