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Polymer clay fun!
I cut out small ovals of polymer clay, then transferred the (paper) paisley pattern onto the clay before baking. The transfer method I used was to put the printed paper(with the paisley design) face-down onto the clay(I cut the paper just a bit bigger than the clay oval), then gently rubbed the back of the paper with the edge of a credit card (so it would make good contact with the clay). I then used a small paintbrush to wet the back of the paper(saturate it). Once the paper was well saturated, I then rubbed it gently all over, which caused the paper itself to roll off, leaving the color behind. I would dip the clay into a small bowl of water periodically to keep it wet. It's so satisfying to see bits and pieces of paper rubbing off and the color showing! Give it a shot. Contact me if something here is unclear and I'll try to explain it better.
A fun project! OH...I should mention that the paper paisley pattern was from a XEROX copy. I guess the toner works, whereas an inkjet copy wouldn't.

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cool project but it sounds so complicated!

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