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An esay way to customize shoes
Here is a tutorial showing the process of shoe painting that I use.
I hope you like it and find it useful! n_n
I also put this on deviantart. I hope I have done everything correct in posting... C:

1. You don't have to paint white shoes, you can just give any colour shoes a few coats of white paint as a base before doing the rest.
2. You don't have to use acrylic - fabric paint or permanent markers should work as well, this is just one method.

Inspired by the likes of Bobsmade on deviantart

Posted by Chocolate from London, United Kingdom • Published See Chocolate's 12 projects »
  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 1
    Step 1

    Make a sketch of what you want to draw onto your shoes. You can always draw onto the shoes in pencil and then try to wash it off after you’ve gone over it with pen, but washing changes the way the materal feels and it can warp the canvas of the shoe if you put too much water (wrinkles on shoes are not good!). Make sure you’re using a waterproof marker because otherwise it will bleed when you paint over top.

    For these shoes I took inspiration from a song by Scouting For Girls. It is a very nice song n_n

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 2
    Step 2

    Pen Tips
    Test your pens on small, hard to see parts of the shoe and have other pens ready before you draw on the entire shoe. This is becase some pens tend to bleed while others don’t, you need to keep trying til you find the right kind.

    I use a Faber-Castell Multimark permanent marker, it’s waterproof.
    (I don’t know how readily available these are in countries outside Germany, but I’m sure a sharpie will work just as well)

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 3
    Step 3

    Drawing Tips
    You can draw whatever you want, really, but these are just a few points I make a note of while painting my shoes.
    1. Draw lots of shapes, the background will the part that is painted rather than the objects and if there aren’t enough objects, the shoe looks empty.
    2. Not too many small spaces or complicated outlines, it’ll be hard to paint around.
    3. Make the outlines around groups of objects - the lines along which paint will be applied - thicker so that you give yourself a little more room for error if you paint over the lines.

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 4
    Step 4

    This is where you get to paint. Yay! :)

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 5
    Step 5

    Paint to use: I use Lukas acrylic paint. It doesn’t crack and doesn’t peel off. Again, I don’t know if these paints are available elsewhere but I think that most acrylic paints should work, just don’t put it on too thick.

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 6
    Step 6

    Well there’s not much to explain, just mix your paint on a pallet (or keep it as it is), and paint onto your shoe. I like to use a single colour and then just paint the background, everywhere I haven’t drawn something.
    This is a stylisc choice and you may choose to use a mix of colours, painting more like you would a more normal art piece.

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 7
    Step 7

    Once you’re done painting, wait for it to dry and then you want to finish the shoes. For this, you’ll need to fina a laquer that will work on material that bends, one that keeps them waterproof and that keep the paint from coming off. After that you can spry them with waterproof shoe spray, if you want.

  • How to paint a pair of painted shoes. Painting Shoes - Step 8
    Step 8

    Care tips:
    Don’t get them wet
    Don’t get them dirty
    Love your shoes. Lots of Love :)


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sapphire a.
sapphire a.
how do you transfer the picture to the shoe if you dont want to just draw right on the shoe. would transfer paper work? i would love to do these for a wedding coming up in september. please let me know
bunnytan · Nutley, New Jersey, US · 22 projects
Aack where did you buy your shoes? It has a nice style and good for revamping Happy I must know~
Aine  H.
Aine H. · Ireland, Indiana, US · 4 projects
you are amazing! just look at those shoes!!!!
Chocolate · London, GB · 12 projects
Yes, fabric markers should work as well, or just any waterproof markers. Because if the outlines held in permanent marker, then using it more should work as well Happy

CO + K User

can i use fabric marker instead? i'm not good handling brushes
paola p.
paola p. · 1 project
I love shoes and i love this project!
Suzi P.
Suzi P. · 12 projects
haha =D
i was listening to heartbeat by scouting for girls when i came across this-they're awesome!
Momo · Ayr, Scotland, GB · 2 projects
These are awesome. Thanks for a clear how-to. Gonna have to go paint shopping now...
skully6 · Belleville, Illinois, US · 25 projects
where did you happen across plain white canvas shoes like those? they're super cute and look great for personalizing.
rachel. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 9 projects
SO0O0O0O0 cUt3!!!! I love them!! ^^
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