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A cute and quiet little friend
This little guy is a cross between a Nighthawk and an owl--I wanted to make an owl, but he came out with Nighthawk features, probably because I had a particularly precious one as a pet. He's all sewed in blanket stitch, except for the chest feathers, those are done in split stitch, and his eyes and beak are home-made buttons cut from two sheets of smooth watercolor paper glued together (any light cardboard would do, like a cereal box), that have the shapes traced on, the holes pierced with a bigger-sized needle than you'll be sewing them on with, cut out with heavy scissors, then the edges sanded smoothly to shape, painted black (I used a black sharpie on them first so they wouldn't need 5 coats of paint), then given two coats of satin varnish. There's also a little cicle of cardboard glued on the inside of the round bottom piece so he stands up. The most difficult part is getting the back tops of the wings tucked under the back head piece, you need to give the side seams a few fastened-down-on-both-ends blanket stitches in his "arm pit" area, then wrap the wing around and tuck it underneath the back head piece, then stitch that down before you can finish up the side seam--that's why I rated this as so-so in difficulty--thanks for looking!

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Owlbaby · Brownwood, Texas, US · 2 projects
Thank you, m! I'm new to CO+K--this is a lot of fun!
m · Yorba Linda, California, US · 9 projects
this is so cute!!! i love it!!