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Owl Sleeping Mask

Sweet dreams • Posted by Gunhild N.

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    Crochet the " head" of the owl: 1 road: 5 ch 2: inc with 2 sc each rnd until 14 sc 3 rnd 14 sc Dc to 6 ch. Then repeat the inc and dec until you have the pink "head" as on the picture.

  2. Small image

    It should look aomething like this. Also make a sc rnd the whole thing.

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    Chrochet two eyes. These are made: 3 ch to a ring 1: 10 db 2: 2 db in every db from last rnd. Make eyelids on the eyes with black tread (sleeping eyes) Sew the eyes on the head.

  4. Small image

    Make a nose: 5 ch 1 sc 1hdb 2 db After sewing nose and eyes on. Sew fabrick on the back and sew on som lace for knitting around the head. Also add a knot with tread on each side as owl ears.