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Origami Dragonfly

origami dragonfly • Posted by S S.

An easy dragonfly without cuts

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Medium lib14 1297603429


An easy dragonfly without cuts


  1. Small lib1e2 1297603659

    Crease both diagonals (collored side out)and also matching the opposite edges (collored side in). Then fold as shown in the picture.

  2. Small lib03 1297604119

    Bisect both angles (dotted lines)

  3. Small lib04b 1297605388

    Fold on the dotted lines. The rest of the paper will be 90°. Note that the upper end will not be the bisector of angle.

  4. Small lib05 1297604811

    Repeat with the other side, and bend both upwards

  5. Small lib06 1297604890

    Slide the upper layer, forming a "V"

  6. Small lib07 1297604938

    Bold them down...

  7. Small lib08 1297604983

    ... and outside

  8. Small lib09 1297605271

    Repeat on the other side

  9. Small lib10b 1297605824

    Turn the side and fold like shown in the picture.

  10. Small lib11 b 1297606128

    Fold up the excess of lower wing.

  11. Small lib12 1297606235

    Now, pinch its tail. (it won't complain...)

  12. Small lib13 1297606341

    Fold down the upper end will create a trunk and two big eyes (that you will make as roud as possible)