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Oriental Inspired Set

A few simple techniques have been combined to show how easy jewellery making can be. • Posted by Beads Unlimited

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    Cut five 20cm lengths of plastic coated wire, lay them onto a 4cm piece of clear sticky tape so the ends are all at the same level. Wrap the sticky tape around the choker at approximately 4 o’clock with the join at the top, so that the wire sits on the top of the choker and is held tightly in place.

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    Using a reel of black wire start to wrap the wire around the choker 0.5cm above the start of the sticky tape as tightly as possible. Continue to wrap the wire to completely cover the length of sticky tape. Trim the excess wire and squeeze in the end with a pair of pliers.

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    Use the natural curve of the wire to create the focal section. Thread a bead onto each length of wire and re-position them until you are happy with the shape. Trim the wire 0.5cm below each bead.

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    Thread on a crimp to the end of each wire below a bead. Using the crimping pliers squeeze the crimp closed using the hole closest to the pliers handle. This will give your crimp a fold in the middle.

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    Flatten the crimp with the hole closest to the tip of the pliers for a neat finish and an extra squeeze with the flat part at the end of the pliers to make completely secure.

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    Use a crimp cover for a professional finish over each crimp. Slot over the crimp and squeeze into place with the pair of pliers.

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    To make the earrings cut three 12cm lengths of plastic coated wire. Fold in half and thread on a jump ring. Use sticky tape to join the plastic coated wire just underneath the jump ring.

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    Wrap with the black wire in the same way as the necklace. Add a bead to each length and trim to create the desired shape. Add a crimp at the end of each wire and place a crimp cover on to each length. Open the loop on a long ballwire attach to the jump ring and close the loop. Repeat to make a pair.