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30 mins

Transform your cheap sarong into an 'Opening Ceremony Fringe Tulip Skirt' styled midi skirt.
I had this hot pink 'pashmina-style' scarf that I have never worn. When I saw this skirt I loved the fringing and automatically realised this is what I could turn it into.
I was originally going to dye it black, but I think I like the hot pink. It's a bit Jill Sanders :)
This is probably the easiest skirt I have ever made!

Sorry once again for the awful photos!...


  • Step 1

    Fold sarong in half so that the open ends are the fringed sides together. Cut along the fold.

    You now have two long rectangles each with fringing at the bottom.

    Hold one piece up against yourself and see if it is the right length, if not cut some material off the top.

  • Step 2

    Pin the long sides of the fabric together and sew with sewing machine.

  • Step 3

    Fit the elastic around your waist and cut to fit. Make sure it can stretch the width of your skirt.

    Sew elastic the inside of the material. Then fold the material over it twice and sew again to cover the elastic and the unhemmed material.

    FINISHED! How easy was that?!

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