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Onigiri Pillow

A cute must-have for any Japanese fan. • Posted by Zip-Rose

A cute onigiri-shaped pillow; one comfy companion.

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A cute onigiri-shaped pillow; one comfy companion.


  1. Small step2 1268212291

    First, after you gather all your materials, cut out two semi-circled shaped peices from some old newspaper. This creates the pattern needed. Trace around this pattern, leaving about an inch allowance.

  2. Small step3 1268212427

    Cut out the two peices. <-- should look a little like this.

  3. Small step4 1268212520

    Lay the peices together so that the good, non-drawn on side is facing each other. Now pinaround the shape, leaving a section unsewn so we can flip it good-side out after sewing. The unpinned side prefferably should be in the middle of the bottom side - this is so that the sewn up outside seam will be hidden by the peices of nori/seadweed.

  4. Small step5 1268212569

    Sew it all up, except the area we left unpinned.

  5. Small step6 1268212615

    After it's all sewn up, flip it good-side outside. The seams should be hidden inside.

  6. Small step7 1268212684

    Now, stuff the pillow full of toy stuffing. You can get this stuff in most craft, sewing or hoddy stores.

  7. Small step8 1268212763

    When it's all stuffed hand sew up the open bit. It's okay if it's messy - the nori/seaweed will cover it up.

  8. Small step9 1268212855

    Now, the seaweed is made from a rectangle peice of black material. This peices' size depends on the size of your onigiri. Cut the peice out and pin down the raw edges. Then sew them suckers down.

  9. Small step10 1268212888

    You should have two peices like this.

  10. Small step11 1268212943

    Now glue your nori/seaweed onto the riceball. Look before gluing so it's relatively even.

  11. Small step12fin 1268212995

    Add some eyes, some cheek and whatever you want. Ta-Da! now you've created your own cute onigir pillow.