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Onigiri Charm

Onigiri • Posted by Abbyka

Had a hard time making the little heart on the face. <.<

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Had a hard time making the little heart on the face. <.<


  1. Take white clay and roll into a ball.

  2. Flatten the ball on two sides and onto the bottom just enough to look like onigiri without flattening it entirely.

  3. Use a small amount of black clay to make a rectangle then attach to the top portion of the onigiri, which should have a slightly curved pointed appearance.

  4. Take a small pointed object like the end of a head pin or eye pin and poke light holes on the surface all over the white portion of clay to give the appearance of texture.

  5. This step may be skipped if you do not want a heart. Use a small amount of pink clay to make two small hearts. Put one on both sides of the onigiri where the "cheek" to the face will be.

  6. My sculpey needed to be baked at 275 degrees for 15 minutes, make sure your directions are the same before baking!

  7. Once baked and cooled, make two eyes and a mouth with black paint. Use white paint to make a small reflection speck in each eye and pink paint to make the blush on either side of the face.