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an 4 step way to take two old cheap items and make an everyday bracelet! :D
This is a really easy tutorial on how to make a cute bracelet out of almost nothing. I got these the watch from goodwill, and it was broken and really trashy. So I decided to make it into a bracelet! I apologize for the poor quality pictures, and the lack of pictures in the steps. Still getting a hang of this website! :) Enjoy!

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  • Step 1

    First, use pliers to take off the brooch backing. Ya know, the little pin part. Also start heating up the glue gun!

    (I used scissors for this because I lost my pliers but just make sure you be careful, many times have I stabbed myself by accident. :P)

  • Step 2

    Next, take the parts out of the watch if you can. It looks less like a watch if you do this, plus if you have a small keepsake you can put it inside the watch holder thingy.

    You will want the watch turned inside out, or right side out if the band is nicer on the outside, but I found it to be easier to glue the brooch to the backside of the watch.

    To each his own I guess. :D

  • Step 3

    Then you will want to squirt out a lot of glue on the side of the watch that you want to place the brooch and put the brooch on there as quickly as you can without getting burned.

    I got burnt. :(

    Note: If you have a curved brooch or something that doesn't lay flat on the watch you can add a button underneath, or some clay, something that you feel will make it look nice and help get the brooch on.

  • Step 4

    Let the glue dry and put it on your wrist. After its on your wrist, walk around and be proud of the surrounding envious eyes. :D

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Djamilah W.
Djamilah W.
YAY, now I can turn all my broken watches into somethin awesome! :3

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