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My Sally George Crochet Hook Case
Not Calamari ....Amigurumi!

This fierce amigurumi octopus was my first-ever crochet project, when my kit contained only 2 hooks & a couple of leftover balls of magenta yarn cadged from my knitty sister's stash. I didn't even have polyfill yet, so I stuffed it with clean cotton rags. No safety eyes available either, so I used black plastic pearl beads (saved from a broken hairclip). They kinda give it a mean look. It's now my husband's protege--he refuses to let me 'cutify' it with an embroidered grin. He sets it in various belligerent poses, like a personal kungfu guard against nightmares. The original (& more peaceful version)is from a Lion Brand Yarn free pattern (link provided below).

I made another (gentler) one as a baby gift for my sister's friend, and polyfill fiber was much easier to use, lighter & more washable. But recycled cloth materials are good too. Be sure to stuff the amigurumi very well, as tightly packed in as you can, so that it keeps its shape well even after washings and play. Safety eyes or embroidered ones are recommended if it's meant to be a child's toy.

The tough thing about this is sewing on the legs symmetrically and so that the seams are neat. Look for an amigurumi tutorial online for how to attach limbs.


Octopus Plushie

Octopus Plushie

Make your own octopus plushie

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4 Legged Octopus!

4 Legged Octopus!

Octopus Anchor Pillows

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Yarn Octopus

Yarn Octopus

it was soo cute i just had to do it

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cute octopus ^^

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Git Hub Octocat

Git Hub Octocat

Meow splash! A geeky little mascot to help you code.

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Cutey Crocheted Octopus

Cutey Crocheted Octopus

Will make a cute decor or toy for a child

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ChaeEatzZombehGutz · 2 projects
awesome job!!! I need to learn to crochet
Andy · Prague, Hlavní město Praha, CZ · 7 projects
soooo cute i LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1369 projects
It's so cute, you did a great job.

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