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The cheapest and easiest way to create perfect beach hair at home
I love the look of surfer waves and I found that salon curl enhancing sprays are quite pricey! so, I decided to try the "real thing" and was amazed with the results!! (my hair is poker straight and this worked like a charm)

Posted by tiffany b. from La Cañada Flintridge, California, United States • Published
  • How to make a hair spray. Ocean In A Bottle Hair Spray - Step 1
    Step 1

    Put 2 cups of water into a sauce pan to warm (Bring it ALMOST to a boil)

  • How to make a hair spray. Ocean In A Bottle Hair Spray - Step 2
    Step 2

    Add 2 teaspoons of all natural sea salt and dissolve, remembering not to fully boil water.

    Allow to cool and then pour into an empty spray bottle.

  • How to make a hair spray. Ocean In A Bottle Hair Spray - Step 3
    Step 3

    To get the ideal wavy look, spray into wet hair and scrunch hair. allow hair to air dry and set with a spritz of hairspray :)



Emily A.
Emily A. · Fargo, North Dakota, US
Worked perfectly, love it.
I wonder if it would work to use some sea salt water mix, like for fish tanks? I have some just lying around, and I thought it might work because if you get some on your hands it feels like you just dipped your hands in the ocean...
Abbie R
Abbie R · 9 projects
would this work on naturally curly hair? or would my hair just spring up in to frizzy spirals like it normally does?
Cyn S.
Cyn S. · 2 projects
nice! I did it on dry hair and just sprayed the ends...worked good!
Alias Dani
Alias Dani · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 20 projects
That is a great idea! Sea Salt and water to replicate a day at the beach.
i love this so much! thank you for helping me get amazing beach waves
*Misscrafty* · 5 projects
I really want to try this out, it looks soooo fabby! but before I do does anyone know if it makes your hair go into tangles or knotty at all?? Happy
Hannah Sparkles
Hannah Sparkles
Does anyone know if salt is good for hair? Because I agree it looks FABULOUS, but i have damaged curly hair ( like tiny tiny spirals) so I am cautious!!!

Cute hair btwHappy
Doesn't work for my hair Happy
Nattie Gurl
Nattie Gurl · 58 projects
NICE! I am an X-coastal chic from the States so I HAD to try this. I made a batch of this last night and tried it today and it was AWESOME! I had to do my own version adding some healthy oils to feed my hair and thanks to you Tiffany you have saved me lots of money as this stuff actually replaced "2" of my expensive and salon sprays I have been using. Originally from the States, I live in Holland now and it either cost a lot more for the products or you just can't find them and believe me postage from having stuff shipped out here is a killer. Thank you! ;-)~
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