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So Cute!
So my friend needed a costume for her 18th, and she got me to make her this cute nurse outfit!

Posted by Peggals <3 from Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia • Published See Peggals <3's 63 projects »

  • Step 1

    First start off by taking your measurements.
    I only needed the measurements for the skirt, as we just bought a singlet and altered it.
    you will need to measure:
    Skirt Length:

  • Step 2

    Now that you've got your measurements, you get to make your pattern! start off by drawing a rectangle about 6" wide and 1/4 the length of your waist measurement. This will be your waistband, and you'll need to cut 2 on a fold of the red fabric.

  • Step 3

    Now draw a bigger rectangle thats the length of your waist and the width is the skirt length. now at the bottom, taper it out so the bottom of the rectangle is about 5-6" wider than the top. This gives the skirt a nicer shape. You will need to cut 2 of this piece out of the white fabric.

  • Step 4

    Now you need to draw two smaller rectangles that are the same shape as your Skirt piece but half as wide. One needs to be about twice as long. Cut two of each of these pieces out of the white fabric. These will make your under skirt.

  • Step 5

    Now out of the scraps of the red fabric you will need to cut two red crosses. One for the skirt, and one somewhat smaller for the hat.

  • Step 6

    Now to start sewing!

  • Step 7

    Start by gathering the shorter side of the longer underskirt, when this is done sew it to the longer side of the shorter underskirt. Do this to both pieces. And sew the sides together.

  • Step 8

    Sew the two waistband pieces together, longways so it wraps all the way around your waist. Fold in half and iron.

  • Step 9

    Gather the top of the underskirt, then the top of the top skirt and pin these to the waistband and sew.

  • Step 10

    Iron all the seams flat and sew in the zipper into the open side. Hem the bottom and sew the lace trim around the bottom. Applique the red cross on and zig-zag around the edges.

  • Step 11

    That's the skirt done!

  • Step 12

    For the singlet, simply buy a nice fitting singlet, and sew some ruffles onto the sleves.

  • Step 13

    Now for the hat. Cut two rectangles and two long skinny triangles that are as tall as the rectangles are wide. Sew the matching sides together and iron. (I added ALOT of starch to keep the hat standing upright)

  • Step 14

    Applique the red cross on and zig-zag around the edges.

  • Step 15

    Now hand sew this onto the headband :)

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