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Stylish sushi sheath
From a combined love of sushi and awesome knitted accessories, this scarf was born!

It uses one 100-gram skein of your favorite sock-weight yarn, preferably in shades of algae green. The curvy lace pattern mimics the delicate algae strands gently waving with the current.

You'll begin at one tip, increasing as you go. When you've used up half your yarn, you'll switch to the decreasing chart and work down to the other tip.

This shawl is easily adjustable in size. Work as many repeats of Chart A as you wish until shawl is half desired width. Work Chart B as many times as required to decrease to 9 sts, then work final rows as written.

One - easily adjustable

60 inches wide, 25 inches deep

17 sts/31 rows = 4 inches in pattern stitch, after blocking

ssp = (slip 1 as if to knit, 1 as if to purl), return these stitches to the left needle and purl them together through back loop

Posted by Carissa B. from Dallas, Texas, United States • Published See Carissa B.'s 15 projects »
  • 101240_2F2014-04-26-010708-NoriChartA.gif 99.9 KB [ Download ]
  • 101240_2F2014-04-26-010719-NoriChartB.gif 105 KB [ Download ]
  • Step 1


    CO 4 sts.
    Row 1 [WS]: Sl1 wyif, p1 tbl, yo, p1 tbl, p1. 5 sts.
    Row 2 [RS]: Sl1, k1 tbl, yo, k1, k1 tbl, k1. 6 sts.
    Row 3 [WS]: Sl1 wyif, p1 tbl, p2, yo, p1 tbl, p1. 7 sts.
    Row 4 [RS]: Sl1, k1 tbl, yo, k3, k1 tbl, k1. 8 sts.
    Row 5 [WS]: Sl1 wyif, p1 tbl, p4, yo, p1 tbl, p1. 9 sts.
    Work Rows 1-12 of Chart A 20 times, incorporating new sts into lace pattern by repeating section outlined in red. 5 sts increased per repeat, 109 sts total.

  • Step 2


    Work Rows 1-12 of Chart B 20 times, repeating section outlined in red as necessary. 9 sts rem.
    Row 1 [RS]: Sl1, k1 tbl, k3, k2tog, k1 tbl, k1. 8 sts.
    Row 2 [WS]: Sl1 wyif, p1 tbl, p2tog, p2, p1 tbl, p1. 7 sts.
    Row 3 [RS]: Sl1, k1 tbl, k1, k2tog, k1 tbl, k1. 6 sts.
    Row 4 [WS]: Sl1 wyif, p1 tbl, p2tog, p1 tbl, p1. 5 sts.
    BO all sts.

  • Step 3

    Weave in ends and block.

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