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Non-toxic weed killer from your kitchen cupboard
As the above thistle weed had become very prolific in my bushes and budding plants I went in search of some way to kills them that wasn't going to cost me a fortune or harm the environment and my search turned up an article by Don Comis at The USDA's Agricultural website about spraying a vinegar solution on the leaves to kill them.

It cited that researchers used at 5% to 20% solution to kills the weeds and that most household vinegar is a 5% solution.

I didn't want to risk damaging the bushes or any of my budding plants, so I watered my solution down to:

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  • How to make a cleaning product. Non Toxic Weed Killer - Step 1
    Step 1

    1 cup of vinegar
    1 cup of water
    and put the solution in a spray bottle and sprayed it on some of the leaves.

  • How to make a cleaning product. Non Toxic Weed Killer - Step 2
    Step 2

    It worked! This is what the sprayed leaves looked like the next day. The weed was dying and there was no harmful effect on the bushes or plants. I will probably just use the vinegar full strength in a bottle next time to finish off the weeds.

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Sue A.
Sue A.
bulletproof · Atlanta, Georgia, US · 1 project
kudos, girl! i've been researching non chemical pesticides and found this lil document on my journey:


i was so shocked that so many commonly used products were THAT harmful.
annie · Derbyshire, England, GB · 4 projects
I love it; mother nature will love your considerate actions Happy

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