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Claspless clasp bracelet
I find this type of clip clasp quite difficult to use - awkward to open and oh so hard on my nails. Mind you, I was delighted when I first came across them on the shop shelf as the colour was perfect for a bracelet I had made. So I bought a pack. However, to the ruination of my nails, it always took repeated attempts before I managed to hold the clip open long enough in order to snag the jump ring and so close my bracelet. I decided enough was enough! But 'waste not, want not' as the saying goes. I linked the clasps together and thought they'd make a nice chain, and this is the result. What do you think?

Twelve plus one links gives me 8.5" which is just enough for me to slip over my hand and so save my nails!! As twelve plus one equals an unlucky number I added a few more claps to create a dangle and to the last one of these some left over jump rings to weight the end a bit and give it some swing.

Hmmm, yes. I quite like it.

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