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Leather tank top with tie front & sides
My first run of trying this. I used another tank top as a template (don't use one that is stretchy or you will need a lot more suede rope). After cutting using my template I added 10 eyelets down each side front & back and added 8 eyelets on both sides for the front closure. I also added 2 eyelets to each side on the front top so I could run rope through them to go around the back of my neck. Ran suede rope criss-crossing through the eyelets having them tie at the bottom on the sides. For the front I did the same thing, just ran them to tie at the top. Running rope through the eyelets allows for size adjustment. Number of eyelets can be adjusted depending on length of the tank top you desire. I put 2hrs for time as I do not recall exactly how long it took me.

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Helema T.
Helema T.
Hi, I really loved his, I'm useless at hand-sewing and I don't have a machine.
I want to have a go at making this, but I have a question: what size eyelets did you use? I've started checking them out, but the options are totally confusing!

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