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sewing machine? we don't NEED no stinkin sewing machine!
I should have taken step by step pictures to create a tutorial, but I'm a jerk and didn't think about it :(

I created a pattern for this purse by thinking of the measurements of the purse I'd like to make. I chose to go with 10 inches by 4 inches and 5 inches tall.

Using a cardboard and a razor blade I cut a piece of cardboard that was 10 inches wide, but much longer. Then i folded the first portion to the length of 5 inches, the second to 4 inches, and the third to 5 inches (be careful when folding, you don't want to break the cardboard pattern). Then i measured what i thought would be a good length for a flap to close the purse, and went with 6 inches. This will be a triangle shape. Playing with the cardboard folded into it's purse shape(is this making any sense?) i turned the cardboard pattern on it's side and traced the outer edge of the side, which is a triangle shape. Then I cut two side pieces and taped them to the pattern.

I then traced the pattern onto fabric and cut it out.

Now the fun part! With the print side down, start lining the entire thing with duct tape (2 layers if you want a durable purse). Then with the duct tape side out, fold the purse into shape and seal the edges with more tape. You can add pockets, straps, whatever your little heart desires. (i will be adding a chain strap and magnet closure to this)

I hope this made any amount of sense, sometimes it's easier to do, than to teach. :| Hopefully at the very least you're inspired to play and figure it out the way I did ;)

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Caylynn A.
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forgot the step about turning it right side out when you're done! *ding a ling!*

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