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15 mins

10 minutes or less and you got your self a cute new top (sorry for bad picture, it is actually really cute!)
Long sleeves, nice neck line, just enough fluffy floaty. And just a little bit of the 80's. Perfect for Spring!!

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  • Step 1

    Ok, so, sorry for the bad picture again!! You can barley tell what I am wearing. My hair is uber long and I have to take mirror pictures. But to start get your big shirt. Maybe 3-4 sizes too big. Spread it over a flat surface. Also decide now where you want it to land. As in right above your jeans, where your leg starts on your pants ect. Ok, it isn't ;letting me add another step so I will split it up here:
    2. If your shirt is short sleeved cut off where it end seem is on both arms. If you are long sleeved cut there. Try to make it even
    3. Now measure an inch away from the neckline, use tailors chalk to mar it if you like. Otherwise regular pencil will work. Draw around an inch all the way around the front of your neckline so you have a swoop on your shirt. Match up the front and back and cut the swoop for both sides.
    4. Now match up the bottom so that is all evened out. You can mark about 5-9 inched up depending on where your shirt will fall. You might want to try it on if you are undecided. Right, so mark it is you like. Cut that so it is straight.
    5. Where a solid color tank top under it for extra "flair" if you like. If you want it less bat-winged then cut a bit more sleeve off. Looks especially cute with shorts :) I hart shorts :)

    So now you are all finished, wasn't that easy :)

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