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An quick and easy milkshake with no cleanup!
I was craving a milkshake one day, but really DID NOT want to clean up the blender for just one small milkshake. So, I got a few ideas from the internet and Viola! A no-blender-needed milkshake! You can use any flavour of ice-cream you want, you could probably even mash up some banana, but my personal favourite is Cadbury's Triple Chocolate ice-cream :D

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  • Step 1

    First, scoop however many scoops of ice-cream you want into a cup and let it melt until soft and malleable. Stirring the ice-cream helps, but you don't have to if it's already soft. You can also add some more once it melts down and becomes more liquidy, since it then takes up less room.

  • Step 2

    Next, pour some milk into the cup until cup is full and stir until mixed through. You now have an easy, no-cleanup milkshake! Enjoy!

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megaan · 2 projects
That's smart! I totally didn't think of that. Happy
Linsey · Byrnes Mill, Missouri, US · 8 projects
Megaan, you can always try a banana ice cream. I know prarie farms makes some. I got a gallon earlier while getting dinner. =)
megaan · 2 projects
Just tried a banana shake, you might not want to try it unless you can REALLY mash banana up into tiny particles. Or if you like lumps in your milkshake. Or if you want to use a mesh tea infuser-sort-of-thing to get the lumps out and end up with less than half the cup full of banana-flavoured milk. Your choice.
megaan · 2 projects
Haha Blake, smart idea. Except if I tried, I'd probably get it everywhere. Tongue
Blake · Clayton, Ohio, US
I just do this by fitting the openings of two cups together and shaking them. Sort of like a bartender making a mixed drink. :p

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