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No one can steal your book now, though they may want to!
Well, I started making my own book covers (but didn't take any pictures) and my friend wanted one. He's a big A7X fan and loves Coke so I knew exactly what I wanted to do.
It's easy, just make stencils. :D

Posted by Brittany Brilliant from Macon, Georgia, United States • Published See Brittany Brilliant's 3 projects »
  • Step 1

    First, make your book cover. I'm terrible at this step! You can find some instructions on how to do this online if you don't already know how.

  • Step 2

    Ok, now that you've got that bad boy on there it's time to choose what you want to put on your book cover.
    When I did this one I decided I wanted to do A7X's bat thingie.
    Pick your picture and get it into stencil format.

  • Step 3

    Alright! Here comes the tricky part. Take your image and cut it out using your cutting knife. Make sure you're on a hard surface you don't mind scratching up. Depending on the picture you chose, this may take a little while.

  • Step 4

    Now we have a nice stencil! Good deal.
    Tape it down onto the book cover.
    You can also use spray adhesive. I use Easy-Tack because you can move it and it won't rip up the book cover. Whatever you choose is fine. :D

  • Step 5

    Pick your paint and paint over your stencil. When you're done you can peel off the stencil and admire your work or leave it on and spray over it with a sealant to keep it shiny and keep it from flaking off.

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KelliDroze · Roseville, Minnesota, US · 8 projects
i love avenged sevenfold! cute idea Happy
Brittany Brilliant
Brittany Brilliant · Macon, Georgia, US · 3 projects
Ah, my friend called is skullbat so I thought that's what it was haha
Keeley C.
Keeley C. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 20 projects
That's a very cool book cover!

I love a7x as well so that's a factor, but just fyi it's the deathbat, not the skullbat, though that makes more sense.
Käpt´n Toasterkopf
Käpt´n Toasterkopf · Germany, Pennsylvania, US · 53 projects
Oh, I love avenged Sevenfold! So, good job :3

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