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thats my dancin hair
Made to match the tutu i constructed a couple days ago, and because i needed some hair falls

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  • Step 1

    For this you need as many types of random awsome yarn and ribbon (i used some glow in the dark halloween hair to) a hot glue gun (i used a mini one and went through about 4sticks of glue) 2 hair clips and some creativity

    i threw in some tulle and scrapbooking fibers, you can add beads if you want to

  • Step 2

    First you need to make a ball of yarn, smaller then you want the final 'bun' to be

    you can substitute this for a stirifoam ball if you want

  • Step 3

    secure the ball so it wont unraval.

    now hot glue the hair clip to the bottom, make shure to check how it will clip into your hair before glueing

    repeat steps 1-3 for another matching ball

  • Step 4

    take all your colorful yarn fabric scraps and ribbon

    start by cutting the longest peice you want, dont cut anything longer then this one, remember having all the ends matching is to conformitive :3

  • Step 5

    cut a bunch more yarn depending on how thick you want one fall to be

    nows the times to tie beads to the yarn or braind it and if you know how make some peices like dreads (i braided some of mine)

  • Step 6

    once you have on big bunch of awsome mesy yarn and such you want for one fall, set it asside

    repeat the processe for the next fall, dont make them the exact same so there unique >3

  • Step 7

    now you should be ready to glue
    plug in your gun and let it heat up.

    start the glueing by putting the glue on the yarn ball and pressing one of your strands of 'hair' into the glue, continue using peices in random order to make the distribution of the colors and types of yarn more even

  • Step 8

    once you have all the peices arranged how you like them check for any loose ends and let the glue cool for a couple of minutes

  • Step 9

    around the upper part of the hair (where the initial yarn ball was)
    take a long peice of yarn and glue and end down. now start wrapping it around the top. glue the other end down.

    continue this step with other different peices to the yarn ball at the top looks well formed. try not the make them to top heavy though

  • Step 10

    repeat the glueing processe with the other fall and let cool.

  • Step 11

    clip 'em in and go dancing!

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Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Great idea, this would look good as part of my Harajuku outfit.

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