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Necktie Hemmed Jeans (with optional matching back pocket)

Necktie Hemmed Jeans • Posted by erica@recycledfashion

Use a necktie to add to the bottom hem of cut off jeans.

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Use a necktie to add to the bottom hem of cut off jeans.


  1. Small 2014 03 20 092753 jeans

    Find a suitable pair of jeans, 3/4 length work best. This pair of Diesel jeans were bought second hand. I cut them mid-length for in-between autumnal weather.

  2. Small 2014 03 20 093017 ties

    Take your necktie tie (in this case a thrifted silk) open it up and iron flat:

  3. Small 2014 03 20 093111 pocket

    Optional (if you want to have a matching back pocket) remove back pocket of jeans with a seam ripper, and use the pocket as an outline to cut out a replicated pocket using felt and necktie fabric. Overlap your necktie fabric over the top of your felt pocket, iron and pin in place, then sew back onto the rear pocket of your jeans.

  4. Small 2014 03 20 093153 cuffs

    Iron your necktie fabric into a long rectangular shape, and pin over the bottom hem of your jeans as per the picture shown. Pin, and sew with matching fabric.

  5. Small 2014 03 21 010139 jeansdone

    Finished and ready to wear