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Necklace Holder

A whimsical necklace holder • Posted by Lindsey Lockdown

I had this craft wire that I never use and was just feeling creative!

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I had this craft wire that I never use and was just feeling creative!


  1. First you want to remove the label from your glass bottle, that is of course if you don't like the label. I used a starbucks bottle, but I think a bottle with a thinner neck would look really cool

  2. Next you want to cut some wire about twice the length you want the branches, (remember to allow for the wire to wrap around the neck of the bottle).

  3. Twist the wire around the neck so it won't fall off and fits tightly. Now bend your wire in half and twist the end to where you make the twist by the neck

  4. Next you can either leave them doubled like that or you can wist them to give them extra strength (You will want to use the tip of your wire cutters to hold the ends that you've twisted so that where you bent it will twist better and you wont hurt your fingers)

  5. Repeat adding branches until you have the desired amount.

  6. Now if you want you can add pictures or beads or sand to your bottle. or even flowers. (I used a heart shape image transfer[how to on those soon])

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    Add Necklaces or bracelets and ENJOY!