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Catch a Gnome in a Jar for his Naughty Deeds!
Don't mind the Creepy Critter in the Background, that comes later. Lets focus on the little cutie in the jar:
He is really easy to make and everyone loves him!

You use Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay in flesh-tone for the head and hands and feet, and other colors for the hat and clothing (Clothing is optional if you want to make him really Naughty, like he is a captured Streaker-Gnome, but you have to make a tiny butt on him, lol.

1.You roll a Ball of Flesh tone sculpey for his head and use a toothpick to make his eyes and eyebrows, (curve the eyebrows from the center of his eyes and downward around the outside to give him a stressed-out look) and give him a really frowny mouth. He really needs to look upset because he is in a Pickle Jar, wouldn't you be? Oh yes, make his eyes really close together, he will look cuter.

2. Anyway, for his hat make a disk like shape and bend the brim just a bit for added cuteness, then make a cone shaped top for the rest of the hat and stretch the top slightly, flatten the extension and give it a twist for a spiral look. Now make the body out of a slightly larger sculpey ball from a different color. You can use contrasting colors to give it a plaid or polka-dot look.

3. Attach the head and body together and put on his hat. Flatten the bottom of the body so he stands up to keep him from falling over. Look over your progress and giggle a bit.

4. Now make a rather smaller but kinda big nose for him by rolling another flesh-tone ball and attaching it to his face barely below his eyes. You can make ears if you want but it isn't necessary.

5. Make him a tiny cape out of another color and attach that to his back. Now his hands should be rather easy too.

6. Make a thick short arm piece and a kinda-thick disk at the end. Use your toothpick to cut out a thumb and three fingers, no need for four. Attach the arm and hands to the body at shoulder level and make sure that the hands work to look like he has them against the inside of the glass jar.

7. Make the feet in about the same way, but of course, no thumbs. No need for legs here, just attach the feet directly to the bottom of his body.

8. He is assembled now, so just bake him in the oven according to the instructions on your sculpey package.

9. Put a couple drops of glue and put him in the pickle jar onto the glue so he stays in one spot, be sure to place him so that his hands are against the side of the jar. You might want to put flowers and such inside so that he has stuff to munch on.

10. Write up a tag that says what his transgression was that got him put in the jar. I can write here what I did for my little naked streaker gnome.

*This Gnome was caught streaking naked and intoxicated through the turnip patch. He is to be kept in this jar until he can keep his clothes on and lay off the sauce.*

Enjoy your little guy!

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Kinhime Dragon
Kinhime Dragon · Denton, Texas, US · 706 projects
That so cool, and you make it sound so funny. Not to offend you, I just wanna commit on your humorious remarks.
Sigrid · Soest, Utrecht, NL · 16 projects
I love it!♥
Aubrie S.
Aubrie S. · 49 projects
Cute and creative
Pennie · Downey, California, US · 1 project

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