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Perfect to display Christmas or other photos
Recover an old bulletin board with burlap and trim it with brass nailhead to finish it nicely. I use it to display 16 years worth of Christmas photos to see how my kiddos have grown over the years.

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  • Step 1

    First things first…WHAT NOT TO DO…Don’t glue your burlap to your board first. I did this seemingly clever move only to find out that the glue discolored the burlap. Back to the fabric store…good thing burlap is cheap!

  • Step 2

    The wooden frame around my bulletin board had previously been painted red, so I gave it a coat with a neutral beige that I already had at home. The burlap is a loose weave, so I didn’t want the red showing through.

  • Step 3

    I cut my burlap so that would cover the wood frame, with about 1″ extra.

  • How to make a bulletin board. Nailhead Trim Burlap Bulletin Board - Step 4
    Step 4

    Staple on the back, up against the wood frame, keeping the burlap taut as you go.

  • How to make a bulletin board. Nailhead Trim Burlap Bulletin Board - Step 5
    Step 5

    Corners are always tricky. I wish I could tell you exact step by step instructions, but it is a function of minimizing the fabric that will be in the fold by cutting away as much as possible, but not too much that you see frayed edges on the corner. Then I always resort to my training as a present wrapper at Sears during college...make your corners as sharp as possible and your folds as crisp as possible.

  • How to make a bulletin board. Nailhead Trim Burlap Bulletin Board - Step 6
    Step 6

    Once your board is covered, it's time for the nailhead trim. This was a bit of a challenge. It seems that a 24″X 36″ bulletin board is not exactly 24″x 36″, but more like 23 1/8″ by 35 1/4″, which made finding equal increments with my US Standard Measuring stick a headache-inducing trial. So…I resorted to using my metric ruler and it worked like a charm. I measured every 6 cm, after putting my corner nails 1 cm in from each side. I had to fudge a few, say every 5 3/4 cm or so on some, but you’ll never be able to tell unless you get up there and measure with a ruler. I did alternate from side to side, measuring between nails frequently, to make sure that I didn’t end up doing one whole side and then realizing that my measurements were off.

  • Step 7

    This is where you need small pliers. I think mine are actually jewelry pliers as they have a very small nose, which was perfect for this job.

  • Step 8

    What I used to display my Christmas Cards on the Nailhead Burlap Bulletin Board:

    Applique/Sequin Pins. I used a size 8 or 1/2″.
    I made little tags to identify the year of each picture. I had some metallic gold cardstock on which I printed the years.
    I used a 1″ paper punch to make the circle year tags. I did print up and punch out the years up to 2019 so that I can easily add the new cards to my board in the same font and with the same paper. I put the future years in an envelope that I’ve taped to the back of the bulletin board.

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