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Organizes my crochet tools beautifully- my version of the classic Sally George design
I learned to crochet only 2 months before I made this, so this took me a rather long time & doesn't look as neat as the one in the original vintage pattern. Approx. 16.5" x 7.5" when spread; 5.5" x 7.5" when folded up. It has a pocket that holds my scissors, measuring tape & pencil; a handy top flap keeps them from falling out. Instead of the button & the flower & leaf motif, I put a wraparound tie in fuchsia, so when closed, it looks like a pretty gift! An alternative, pleasurable challenge for a newbie who's NOT into potholders. Based on the classic design by the remarkable Sally George. (FREE PATTERN at www.hookandyarn.com/Free_Crochet_Patterns.html).

Posted by Kaizen Mom from Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines • Published See Kaizen Mom's 2 projects »
  • How to sew a roll-up pouch. My Sally George Crochet Hook Case - Step 1
    Step 1

    Get the FREE PATTERN from www.hookandyarn.com/Free_Crochet_Patterns.html



Kaizen Mom
Kaizen Mom · Manila, Metro Manila, PH · 2 projects
Hi Sophie, this pattern (new link posted above) is easy to follow, BUT what I found most difficult as a beginner was keeping accurate count of the rows. Also, I often incorrectly placed the turning stitch at the start of each new row.
Sophie :D
Sophie :D · Dereham, England, GB · 17 projects
Hey, I love this, it's so cool!!

Just a quick question, is it fairly easy to do? And is it easy to read the pattern?
I'm new to crocheting and have so far only have a 4 needle (uk size) and can only really do double crochet! But it's a start and i'm enjoying it!

Sadielou · Glasgow, Scotland, GB
Maemi.Gojo · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 9 projects
i cant find the link either =/
Meg H.
Meg H. · Houston, Texas, US
I hope I'm not just stupid but I can't seem to find a link anywhere on here to lead me to the pattern.
KMOM14 · Fort Wayne, Indiana, US · 378 projects
It is inspiring that you have only been crocheting 2 months and turned out such a lovely and useful item.

My Mom was heavily into crochet, but I never quite got the hang of it. Since she has since passed on, I have been trying to learn to honor her memory and I am favoriting this as a possible starter project.

Thanks for sharing the link with the pattern and your experience and tweaks to it.
Maya · Costa Rica, Guantanamo, CU · 11 projects
it looks great! And really practical too, if I had that many crochet hooks I'd probably do one myself!
Rachel Elizabeth
Rachel Elizabeth · Thomasville, Georgia, US · 6 projects
I'll have to make this,it's a very good alternative to buying the nearly ten dollar ones I've seen.
JuliaFuentes · Hermosillo, Sonora, MX · 2 projects
really good job :]
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
It looks great and very handy.

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