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Edinburgh, Scotland, GB
Glow Chum The Jar Head By Strawberry Anarchy
Butter Leeaa Frolentine Art Doll By Strawberry Anarchy
Lucy The Cutie Pot Head By Strawberry Anarchy
Twisted Out Of Her Jar Head
me little poneee is lonleee

MY LITTLE PONY - Square Strawberries - OOAK Custom Pony By Strawberry Anarchy

This Pony has been inspired by my love for square strawberries, graffiti and vinyl toys.

On the left side I have hand painted four little square strawberries in complimentary colours to go with the hair. The front leg has a swirly gloopy design going up her leg inspired by bubbly graffiti, I also painted some dots under her eyes to accentuate them a bit more and the main feature is the glass dome on her head filled with a miniature module sculpture, this is inspired by my jewellery and all things captured in glass.

I have kept to the colours purple, pink, yellow , orange and green to keep the continuity running throughout the design.


Mermaid Pony

Mermaid Pony

my first attempt at a real custom pony

♥ 17
My Little Pony Mods

My Little Pony Mods

Dollar store ponys mod

♥ 6
Custom My Little Pony

Custom My Little Pony

Good project when you're bored but feel lazy

♥ 4
Custom My Little Pony: Denver Bronco's

Custom My Little Pony: Denver Bronco's

Custom My Little Pony

♥ 1
Custom Pony Figure

Custom Pony Figure

custom pony jrock figure punky

♥ 0
My Little Batman Pony

My Little Batman Pony

Made this for my brother

♥ 21


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