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My little pony My little pony.. is now a bag :]
Dazed, Disorientated, Delusional.

That’s how I felt when I finished this abomination. It took me about six hours to finish this project, and 5 and a half-hours into it I was frustrated. Yelling, Screaming, Throwing things and being generally unkind to anything that crossed my path.

So basically, this is a large toy my little pony that has been disembowelled with zippers sewn on. And Im telling you.. Zippers aren’t fun. I attached key rings to the head (via brain screw) and one to the back above the tail. I tied a scarf in-between the rings to make a handle (Im not known for making handles but hallelujah I did it)

I left too legs & the head stuffed and de-gutted the other legs & body.

The cons of working on the living room floor are

- your body seizes up and walking hurts

- your dog, although lovable, finds it fun to eat stuffing, causing them to choke half to death. Don’t worry, she survived. and I know this because my dog decided it would be a great idea to throw up the stuff on the already disgruntled owner of a fabulous new bag.

Overall I was quite pleased with this project because it only cost my $5.60.

Dad is threatening to steal my fashionable new accessory.

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Frankye B.
Frankye B. · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 7 projects
i wanna make this so bad, but i cant seem to get a afforable pony plush
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
If I could find a My Little Pony soft toy I'd totally be making one of these.
Your Dad sounds cool - Bronies FTW! Happy
Melvin · Girilambone, New South Wales, AU · 52 projects
The handle was actually pretty easy, Its just a loop of fabric on each side, with a keyring on it, and a scarf tied between them. I wouldn't recommend using stretchy fabric like I did though, I think non-stretchy would hold the load better. But its still in perfect condition after all of these years.

'fashionable new accesory' was a direct quote from my dad. I should of made that clearer...

Thanks for all the love, everyone.. Makes me smile Happy Hehe
Mindy Melee
Mindy Melee · 5 projects
I'm looking at my Pinkie Pie plush right now thinking maybe her droopy head, broken lookin neck won't be such a problem after all >:}
~*fantastic job*~
(i am a little unclear as to how you got a handle on there...head screw? but shoot-i could give her a collar, lol)
CraftyPunk C.
CraftyPunk C. · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 2 projects
Cute such a good idea!
RainbowIce · Chicago, Illinois, US · 38 projects
awwww this is sooo cute ^_^
Aconitum · Wallington, England, GB · 9 projects
hope you came through the therapy ok!! i suppose we all suffer for our art ;)
Hushgirl · Edgemere, Maryland, US · 8 projects
OMG that is awesome(if a bit disturbing LOL)!
Missy El
Missy El · Melbourne, Victoria, AU · 5 projects
Just amazing! So worth the effort, congratulations!
RADGina · 2 projects
awuhh i love it!!!!!!
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