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knitted MP3 pouch
I knitted this simple, lacy pouch for my Zen player in less than an afternoon. It was supposed to be a headband but as I continued knitting along, I realised that it wasn't really the kind of headband I was looking for. So I knitted a shorter version, stitched the sides together and viola! I got myself a pretty MP3 cosy. So simply look for a design of a headband that you like but may not wear, make a shorter version of it, and turn it into a pouch! (^_^)

So if there is a wonderful pattern of a headband that you have (but will never wear), simply knit a shorter version of it, stitch the sides together, and make yourself a lovely pouch!

Posted by gwenstella from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia • Published See gwenstella's 41 projects »

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