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My attempt at saving the world, one craft at a time! FIRST POST!
I , Chrissy Lynn have had to battle a severe case of ADHD for all of my life. I LOVE being crafty but rarely EVER finish what I start. This project was so simple and easy I had to make muliples!! I go through "stages" of crafting. One week I am convinced I can knit, the next crochette, the next make jewerly exc. Well when I went through my "keychain animals made from beads" stage I went way overboard with buying fake plastic beads and not actually making any keychains. SOO I've had the beads for a couple of years sitting in a closet when I finally decided how to put some use to them and get them outa my way. I MADE PICTURE FRAMES!!! If I was good at canvas art im sure these beads would make BEAUTIFUL pictures but im not that creative. I made these about 2 months ago before I discovered this site. BUT if you reaaally like my frames I can post a step by step way to create these. Im very selfconsious of my projects , they usually come out like a 2 year old got stuffed in a box of glitter and glue for an hour. But these are a bit diffrent. I even made one and gave it to my daddy when he moved into his own place, it was the first thing on his wall and he loved it!! He also does a lot of glass blowing and was very interested how these beads melted were very similar to a glass. So ill stop rambling and tell me what you think please!! Please dont be negative either. and please mind my spelling(im not to good at that either) hehe Peace&LOVE -Krazy4you
ps. picture are myself and my sister & my fiancee and I

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LILY · Pompano Beach, Florida, US · 17 projects
I think these are adorable. I make plates out of my beads and they look like this but without the cut out hole for the pics, i will try it next time but how do you get the hole without them melting together and covering it?
Sarin Toxx
Sarin Toxx · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
i wanna how-to!!!!!
blue g.
blue g. · Nottingham, England, GB · 43 projects
I'd love to try this, I've got loads of beads too, can you post a how to?
rudilou55 r.
rudilou55 r.
super cute, how did you get it to leave a center for the picture mine just become blobs..you can either put up a how to (which would be great) or just comment back..THANKS!
Zina · Tasmania, Tasmania, AU · 32 projects
your picture frames look great!Happy can you use any kind of plastic beads? I'm keen to give this a try!
LILY · Pompano Beach, Florida, US · 17 projects
Hi,l also make bowls out of these same beads and its so cute as frames. I like them alot. very cool.

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