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Big old mustache for your bed!
I seen this first on youtube but couldn't find the original video i viewed so very sorry but not my idea! Wish i could give proper credit.
And sorry for the lack of pictures my camera was acting up like a right plonker. Any questions just ask and i will try to help ^_^

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  • Step 1

    Start off by washing and ironing your pillow cases, this gives the paint the best chance to stay on the pillows :)

  • Step 2

    After that you need to draw a template. I used a big piece of old card i had lying around and drew a rough shape of half the mustache and perfected it. Your card needs to be as big as or a little smaller than your pillow cases, you can use card, paper, cardboard anything.
    Also drawing only half the mustache saves time and ensures an even mustache

  • Step 3

    So when you have your mustache template ready either pin it down to your first pillow case or hold it down while you draw around it.

  • How to make a shaped cushion. Mustache Pillow Cases  - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now your ready to paint!
    Personally i used Dylon fabric paint because i feel it gives the best outcome, it remains soft after drying and gives a great look. Haven't yet found a better one. Also remember when painting to put something in between the fabric to keep it from leaking to the the back.

    Also i used around 3/4 pots of dylon fabric paint, but it depends on size and thickness of your mustache :)

  • How to make a shaped cushion. Mustache Pillow Cases  - Step 5
    Step 5

    Now flip the template and draw the template on the other pillow case and then paint. Its that simple!

    Also i had my mustache meeting at the opening on the pillow ends. if that makes sense, but you can do it either way.

  • How to make a shaped cushion. Mustache Pillow Cases  - Step 6
    Step 6

    All thats left is it left to dry :) keep something in between the pillow cases while they dry to make sure theres no leaking :)

    While waiting for them to dry i messed about as seen.

    After dry, wash iron to fix the colour and put pillows in! Yay!!!

  • Step 7

    Now be awesome with your pillows and try not to explode from too much amazingness!

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XD awesome!

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