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Roll Call: Murray? Present.
So if you haven't seen my other project where I made Bret and Jemaine plushies, I made them for a show that I went to that was listed as "The First National International New Zealand Day"

There was a rumor that Rhys would be there. I wasn't sure he would be there so I decided not to make him one. Turns out he was THERE!

I saw him when I went backstage and explained to him that I had plans on making him one but didn't because I wasn't sure he was going to make it. I told him that I would make one for him and get it to him somehow one day.

I stuck to my word and made him one.

I am sending it to a friend of mine who is going to one of his stand up shows that he is doing in Philly. She is going to deliver it to him for me ^3^

I absolutely LOVE Rhys Darby, so I am extremely excited that I am finally going to be able to give this to him. BUT! I do have to say that I am going to miss Sheeple Rhys dearly. I love him soo much and every time I look at him I can't help but hug and kiss him.

I hope that Rhys loves him as much as I do. :)


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I love my friend Haley for doing this, she flippin ROCKS!

<img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3180/2977299090_1f75c39501_m.jpg">

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DD Graves
DD Graves · 4 projects
Oh darl, that is so very rad! I think Rhys is my favourite of the dolls, although I do like Jemaine's little glasses.
Kim. · Roma, Queensland, AU · 2 projects
I love Murray!
"Oh what are you on your way to a dick meeting?"

That doll looks great.
Tosh · Melbourne, Victoria, AU · 11 projects
you are so awesome!!! i love Ginger balls (Murry) he is so funny. They will love these, as do i. >_< xo

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