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Respect The Dead.
I saw these giant realistic mummy decorations i really wanted, but they were So expensive. So instead i fixed my mummy craving by making my own, on a much smaller (easier) scale, using an old barbie! It came out more gorey and better then the ones i saw. And now i can display it year round!

You can use these to decorate anything for Halloween. Hang them from doorknobs, car rear-view mirrors, ceiling, etc... or put them on dining tables, with pumpkins, or with plants. The Tape is slightly waterproof, so you can probably put them on your porch too, but not in full weather.
The Barbie Mummy in my pictures is actually going to become a necklace.

(WARNING: This project involves Fire. Everyone please use extreme CAUTION while attempting. No children allowed to attempt without an adult. Thank you.)

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  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 1
    Step 1

    Gather Supplies!!
    - You can get a Barbie virtually anywhere (try yard sales/goodwill if ur really stuck). The one im using in my pics is actually a Mini-barbie doll. Dont ask where i got it, cuz i just found it in the back of a closet. lol
    - First Aid Tape/Bandage Tape: Its found in all first-aid kits. Its the kind thats cloth-like on 1 side, and sticky on the other.
    - You also need an open-flame candle. Cuz you will be burning stuff.
    -and other stuff listed.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 2
    Step 2

    {Skip this step if you have a multi-jointed barbie ...u lucky buggard}

    If you have a regular barbie with straight/unbendable arms, you will HAVE to bend them.... by setting them on fire!!! Muhahaha!

    ~ Take your naked barbie and hold its elbow over an open candle flame. (It will burn/catch fire a little; thats when u take it off!) This will make its plastic soft and plyable again. Burn the inside of the elbow as well.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 3
    Step 3


    ~ Start pushing/pulling/twisting the lower arm towards its chest; to lay it like a mummy sleeps. (Dont touch the parts u just burned! Theyre hot!)
    ~ Hold/Clamp its arm to stick in that position, because the plastic WILL get hard again and stick there.
    You might have to burn other parts of its arm or wrist to get the desired look. It doesnt matter what it looks like, because you can cover it later.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 4
    Step 4

    {Optional Step}

    If you DONT want to cover certain parts of you mummy... burn those parts with the candle as well, to the desired blackness. This will make it look old and decaying... and well, awesome. :D
    It looks best on the face, hands, arms.
    (Please be careful with the fire again.)

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 5
    Step 5

    The Head:
    ~ If your barbie doesnt have a head like mine or u want a skull head; mold a skull from clay (with a hole in bottom)/ bake it/ then glue it on the barbie neck.
    ~ If your making a necklace or want to hang your mummy for decoration, you also need to attach a headpin into its head also.

    ~ If your barbie has a head, remove the hair so you dont have to cover it.
    ...if you want to show the hair for a crazier look, just skip this step entirely. lol

    ...GOSH, so many options! :P

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 6
    Step 6

    Now its finally time to wrap your mummy for eternity!

    ~ Take your bandage-tape and cut it into long, thinner strips. Then start wrapping your doll at the feet and work your way up; overlapping your tape as you go. Make sure you flatten it out good, so no sticky side shows (very important). It looks best if you wrap in different directions also.

    It will get more difficult as you get up to the chest and arms. Just make sure you cover everything, & without twisting the tape.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 7
    Step 7

    {... cont.}

    To Tape The Hands To The Chest:
    Wrap each arm seperately; from the shoulder to the hands. When you reach the end of the hands, leave a little tape hanging off. Take another long strip of tape (and the tape left hanging), and stick their sticky sides together (making it longer). Then twist that strip & tape it across the chest, shoulders, and down the back.
    (Repeat for other arm, if desired)

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Mummy Corpse Barbie - Step 8
    Step 8


    ~ To get the loose strands on the wrap, use the point of your scissors and nails to pick various edges of your wrappings apart.

    ~ To darken your wrappings furthur, make some dark hot tea in a pot (you only need about a inch of water worth). Spoon the tea over your mummy's body a little at a time (Do Not Submerse it!). Then quickly dry it off with a towel.
    You Might have to do this several times to get the desired color. If you wrapped your mummy correctly and toweled it off each time, no tape should come off.
    Once you get an aged look, dry it fully with a blow-dryer on low.


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Demonymphetamine · Turmero, Aragua, VE · 49 projects
"CORPSE BARBIE"... i cant wait to kill my old barbies...xD
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Yay! Your welcome!
I'm glad someone else made one too. Post it as a version, i'd love to see it. ;)
ash l.
ash l.
Thanks for doing this! I love it. I made my own Happy
LaLiLuLiny · Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 20 projects
love it Happy
Knotsu · 11 projects
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
XD Thank you!
I hope it all made sense. lol

(Btw, that last pic is 1 of my kittens licking my mummy while i was taking pics. Because the mummy smelt like tea, so i guess cats like tea now. lol Then 2 more kittens came and did it too! wha? o.O)
Zombie Babe
Zombie Babe · 4 projects
I love this, you are Awesome!