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Fun, easy, birthday present idea!
Deciding to finally make use of a blank mug I had lying around,
I used Sharpies (and a tiny bit of white-out for the ghost kitty's eyes) to decorate it as part of my cousin's birthday present.
I left the rest blank since she's an art major and thought she'd enjoy filling out the rest.
I didn't have any adhesive at the time, but if I did I would've definitely used it because some of the artwork rubbed off and I wanted it to be useful as a mug should be and go through the washing process without damaging the display.
With the adhesive, follow directions and make sure all your artwork is covered.
This took me about an hour but depending on the amount filled/detailed, it can take more or less time.
Either way this was fun (:

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Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy · 6 projects
I like it! It is messy mixed with kawaii!

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