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45 mins

A tasty pastry is the inspiration for decorating a plain messenger bag!
Materials List:
Canvas Messenger bags (I get mine through Dharma Trading)
Scrap paper
Acrylic paints – variety of colors
Aluminum foil – for palette
Shirt Cardboard (use it as a protective insert)
Paint brushes & water cup
Felt sheets – variety of colors
Pony beads
Aleene’s tacky glue

Posted by Doris B. from Huntington, West Virginia, United States • Published See Doris B.'s 16 projects »
  • Step 1

    1) Use the pencil to sketch out some pastry designs for the messenger bag flap. If you are creating a cup cake image, cut out the top and bottom muffin pieces out of paper separately and place on top of the bag flap. Doughnuts, a slice of cake or pie or even mini cupcakes would look great.

  • How to make a messenger bag. Muffin Top Messenger Bag - Step 2
    Step 2

    3) Mix up a paint color on the foil covered tray. You will be painting on top of the messenger bag flap. I mixed up pink color to set off the cupcake design against the pale colored messenger bag. Begin to roughly paint in the square shape with your brush, getting close to the flap edges but leaving a bit of unpainted border remaining. Set the bag aside to dry while you work with the felt.

  • How to make a messenger bag. Muffin Top Messenger Bag - Step 3
    Step 3

    3) Trace the pastry shapes onto the felt sheets and cut out. Sort out the bead colors needed to spell “treats” or another chosen word for the bag flap. Arrange the beads first in order to make sure the word will fit. Arrange felt shapes above the word(s). I suggest gluing the bead letters down first. Squeeze out a line of glue for each letter and begin to press individual beads into the glue. Next glue down the felt shapes. You will be working in layers, I suggest gluing the small, detail shapes onto the larger felt pieces first and then gluing the larger shapes down last.

  • How to make a messenger bag. Muffin Top Messenger Bag - Step 4
    Step 4

    4)Let dry overnight and sport your fun new bag!

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