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Flashy mustache for mr. Cat!!
I was looking through some 'mustache' jewellery tutorial and Ta da!! Mr. Cat was born!!! (With a mustache!?) I thought may be you would want it too!! For one thing, don't name him mr. Cat he's mine!!
(Hmmm...I've got to make him some hat)

Posted by Syeyon K. from Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal • Published See Syeyon K.'s 30 projects »

  • Step 1

    I guess everyone knows the first step!!
    Take a ball of clay and pinch the sides of the top part to make the ears..add eyes ..oh and of course a mustache!!
    Add some glitter glue for decoration.
    You could use tweezers to make the point in the edges :D

  • Step 2

    And you're done after you glue the ring on the back of the cat head.
    But, if you want it to be more unique then you can take a tin cut some strips and braid it and hot glue it.

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