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Knit an MP3 player out of plarn.
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Posted by Search Press Published See Search Press's 8 projects » © 2021 Emily Blades / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Preparing Plarn
    Take a plastic carrier bag and make sure it is clean and dry.
    Lay the bag out flat and cut off the sealed bottom and handles, leaving you with a cylinder shape. With the openings at the sides, roll and fold the bag up to 3cm (1¼in) from the top. Use scissors to cut the folded part (and only the folded part) into strips approximately 2cm (1in) wide. This will then knit up to an approximate double knit tension.
    The thinnest, flimsiest bags should be cut into wider strips of 4cm (1½in), and the heaviest, most glossy bags should be trimmed into narrower 1cm (¾in) strips for the same tension.
    The thinner bags are easier to work with, so I recommend that you use them when you start out.
    Unfold the bag and you will have a number of single strips hanging from the uncut part of the bag. Open the bag out and cut diagonally from the outside edge of the bag to the first inside cut. Continue cutting diagonally until all the strips are separated.
    You should now have one long continuous strip of plastic. Roll this up into a ball. You now have a ball of plarn that is ready to be knitted up.
    Plastic bags of one colour will let you make items with solid colour, but you can make variegated plarn from striped or patterned bags.

  • Step 2

    Cast on 15 st. Work 4 rows in k1, p1, rib. Change to stocking stitch and continue until work measures 18cm (7in). Work 4 more rows in k1, p1, rib and cast off.

  • Step 3

    Making up
    Fold work together so that the two ribbings are at the top (see detail opposite) and oversew the side seams in plarn.

  • Step 4

    Funky Stripes
    These are very easy to knit, so would be perfect for children to make. Let them choose and collect their own plastic bags in order to make their finished piece personal and unique.

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