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Mouse Whistle

A cute whistle • Posted by Gabrielle R.

I made this in art class at school.

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I made this in art class at school.


  1. Blow up a ballon and coat it in clay 1/2 inch thick.

  2. make a tube and score/slip it onto your clay ball so that it'll stick. Then remove the circle of clay to the balloon that's in the middle of the tube- this will be your mouth peice (the mouse's nose/mouth)

  3. about 1/4-1/2 of an inch away from the top of the mouthpeice make a straight incision, should go perfectly straight up and down.

  4. use the incision as a front wall and hollow out a perfect square facing away from the mouthpeice.

  5. slant the wall farthest away from the mouthpeice, it should be a 45 degree slant, and very flat. Test it by blowing into it- if it doesnt make a sound adjust it until it does.

  6. The clay should be almost dry by now (because this project will take a couple days) so pop the balloon and take it out throught the opening (use an exacto knife)

  7. Add pitch holes (optional) anything more than three pitches will decrease the sound value of your whistle.

  8. Decorate your whistle, I made mine into a mouse.

  9. Put the whistle into the kiln for (I think it was) a day or two.

  10. Add three coats of paint evenly on the exterior of the whistle, make sure that you do NOT paint the little square that you cut out.

  11. Put the whistle into the kiln again and burn it.

  12. You're done!