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30 mins

Not for the faint of decoration. ;)
FIRST THINGS FIRST this hedgie was ethically sourced. He was (most probably) hit by a car and crawled under a friends garden house where we found him last summer.
SECOND THINGS FIRST if you are into taxidermy, PLEASE TAKE THE NECCESSARY SAFETY STEPS! Wear gloves. Wear goggles if neccessary. Dispose of non-sanitiseable (?) materials you used. Make sure that the tools you use are marked or kept seperately from your kitchen stuff etc.

The skull was dried in salt for three months and later cleaned with H2O2. It is squeaky clean of any unsanitary material. Make damn sure of that if you mount bones.
If you happened to purchase your taxidermy item from a professional, PLEASE still check it thoroughly for any screwups! This is immensely important for your own health and those around you.

It was secured to the velvet-lined little frame with transparent threads.

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