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30 mins

Use whatever you have on hand.
This is a project I did at a summer youth camp with a couple groups of kids as a way to use up bits and peices of stuff I had laying around. My budget was nearly non-existant and I was often relaint of finding creative ways to use things that were donated and had on hand.

Using a scrap peice of wood , pressed board or other similair heavy duty as base. We created these mosaics from glue and whatever bits and peices of crafting materials we had on hand. They are a collection of shells, beads, stones, nuts, bolts, scrap construction paper, glitter, buttons, marbles, shells, and pretty much anything else that I put in the mosaic box.

This is something I extended to the campgrounds I worked at as a way to use up those bits and peices as needed and let the kids come up with something uniquingly their own.

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