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A quick and easy way to display the art you love.
I got the idea for this DIY from my absolute favourite magazine, Real Living. The article was showcasing the house of a designer, and I saw his mood board hanging on the wall and thought, ‘I can do that!’

I was attracted by the simplicity of the design and the many possibilities it offered. You can use it as a mood board, a pin up board, somewhere to hold your bills, or a way to display art you love. You can see I use it for a little bit of everything!

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  • How to make an inspiration board. Mood Board Diy - Step 1
    Step 1

    The mesh you can pick up at the hardware store for under $20, depending on the size you choose. You’ll find it in the gardening section. As it’s made out of galvanised steel, you’ll need a pretty robust pair of pliers to cut to size (or just use the whole lot, if you want to and skip this step all together!).

    Take care when considering the size of your mesh. The bigger the mesh, the heavier the board, so you will need to get sticky hangers that are rated for the corresponding weight. You’ll also need to use bigger pegs to attach items to the mesh.

    If your mesh is a little bit bendy, weigh it down overnight. If it’s still bendy, don’t be afraid to work it back into place. I still ended up with a bow in my mesh, so I used the sticky hangers on the bottom of the board to hold it into place.

    You don’t just have to use metal mesh! You can use smaller lattice, plastic garden edging, you name it. Let your creativity run wild!

  • How to make an inspiration board. Mood Board Diy - Step 2
    Step 2

    Then pull out the sticky hangers and stick away! I highly recommend using some sort of measuring device to make sure you get your mesh level. One of my failings is my faith in my ability to ‘wing it’, especially when it comes to measuring…

  • How to make an inspiration board. Mood Board Diy - Step 3
    Step 3

    Once it’s up, it’s time to decorate. The project should take about 30 minutes to complete, but I’m constantly updating my mood boards.

    An added bonus to using the galvanised steel is that it’s magnetic. I love magnets a little too much. I see each as a mini piece of moveable artwork.

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