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Let your inner child (or outer weirdo) run free. This Monster Bag is made of BRIGHT Green, Black and Brown Shaggy Faux Fur that I had left over from another project. I added Green eyes.

This bag is a medium to large size bag. In other words you can carry your everyday stuff without worry. I lined it with a cotton/poly blend fabric.

It has 2 long handles, a clasp closure, interior zipper pocket, and lots of attitude. It has just enough weirdness to get some stares, but she probably won't get a total freakout. She likely though to get a complement or two.

I liked her so much that I think I will make a couple more for my friends, and maybe some for the shop.

Basically it's easier if you try to do a square or rectangle. I used the bottom 1/2 of a paper grocery bag for my pattern. If you cut the top 1/2 of the paper bag off and then gently cut down the side folds until you reach the bottom. You should have the shape of an unfolded box.

Cut the lining and the fur out at the same time. Unless you are skilled at zippers, I recommend you skip that part. A snap clasp closure is way easier (reinforce the snap with a bit of old Christmas or birthday card between the lining and the fur).

Sew the lining together first and tuck 5/8 inch under at the top and sew a hem. Then do the same with the fur. If you have long fur like what I used, and it does not shed then you can just cut off the top 5/8 inch.

Now for the safety eyes. I just placed them on the fur until I thought they looked good. Then I measured from the top of the fur so they wouldn't be lopsided. Take a scalpel or box knife and gently slice the fur, slip the back end of the safety eye through the fur, then take the clip and fasten it in place. If too much of the "stem" is hanging off, clip it with some very sturdy scissors **carefully** or use the box knife to slice the stem off (not your fingers)!!

Now for the handles. You can take a pair of leather handles off an old purse if you have that luxury, but since handles are usually the first place a purse shows wear I made mine. I took some cording and covered it with vinyl that had and used a denim needle in the sewing machine to sew the vinyl. Basically I used a denim needle for the whole project.

Now measure for the handles like you did the eyes, place the handles between the fur and liner and sew the fur and liner together. Go back and sew the liner and fur together across the handles a couple of more times to be sure they hold.

Now go and be the envy of all your friends!!

If this project is too complicated feel free to check out Oaktopia Design where you can see more purses like this one and maybe get some more inspiration. www.etsy.com/shop/OaktopiaDesign

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